You can teach anyone how to cut and color hair, but you can’t teach someone how to be a good person. With a fantastic team like this, word of mouth travels fast. Thirteen plus years together and byuti salon + spa is one of the top Bumble and bumble salons.


Jill Petersen — owner, stylist & master colorist

Heather Raydon – Stylist/Network Educator

Jake Desrochers – Stylist/Network Educator

Chelsea Forbes – stylist

Janelle Lopez

Janelle Lopez – stylist


Camille Dulude — stylist

Kellie Marra -

Kellie Funk – Esthetician

Jessica Nelson - stylist

Jessica Nelson — stylist

Sarah Kelley - stylist

Sarah Kelley – stylist

Chloe Couche —

Chloe Couche — stylist

Laureen Palmer – Stylist

Jennifer Hewitt -

Jennifer Hewitt – esthetician & massage

Jayme Collins

Jayme Collins — stylist

Taylor Mexas-Cvitanov – stylist

Jerusha Engelage

Jerusha Engelage – stylist


Kari Green — stylist

Peter Virga-Hyatt - stylist

Peter Virga-Hyatt – stylist

Natalie Flores – Stylist

Sydney Dickerson – Skin Therapist + Makeup + Brow Artist

Corina Nelson – Stylist