Facial Treatments Price
The Byuti Facial
Our deep cleaning facial will nourish, replenish and quench with customized exfoliation/extreactions/moisture/balancing/and massage. Recommended for all skin types. Perfect introduction to skin wellness. 
Diamond Microdermabrasion
A mechanical exfoliation facial treatment to buff away dull skin and hydrate healthy cells revealing a luminous, youthful glow. Our most popular and effective treatment is suitable for most skin types.
Wrinkle Lift Peel
A glycolic and retinal anti-aging peel treatment to promote exfoliation and stimulate collagen production. Fine lines are visibly reduced leaving a luminous, radiant glow. Recommended for skin that is maturing/dry/and uneven in skin tone.
Lightening Lift Peel
A lightening skin treatment consisting of lactic and kojic acids that brighten skin by reducing pigmentation from sun damage/aging/or post acne breakout scarring. Recommended for skin that is hyper pigmented or sun exposed.
Acne Lift Peel
Clinical strength salicylic skin treatment to purify and rescue skin by controlling oil production/eliminating bacteria/and reducing inflammation. Recommended for all levels of acne breakouts and can be customized to suit individual needs
Petite Facial
An express facial treatment with exfoliation and moisture balancing. Instant hydration will leave your skin redefined and quenched. This is ideal when time is of the essence and suitable for all skin types.
Hand & Arm Brightening Treatment
Our Diamond Microdermabrassion for the hand and arms. Designed to remove excess skin buildup and followed with nourishing/moisture rich hand and arm massage for soft , replenished skin.
The Byuti Back Treatment
A treatment designed specifically for the back to cleanse/exfoliate/and nourish the skin and massage the back muscle. This treatment is suitable for all skin types including acneic skin
Waxing Treatments Price
Brows 27
Lip/Chin/Cheeks/Nostrils 15 each
Underarms/Arms 25/45
Half/Full legs 50/80
Back 80
Bikini/Brazilian 40/70