Free flowing long layers, sun-kissed hair, effortless looking short cuts.

Jill’s a down to earth yet super honest person. This combination has clients coming from all over to create the best you.

Jill considers herself a beauty coach, “always paying attention to skin tone, fashion sense, eyebrow color etc. It’s not just about the hair, it’s about the hair compliments everything else going on.”


Jill is a true Jack of all trades, but her favorite things to create are:

  • Healthy hair: first and foremost, because if your hair is not healthy, it doesn’t matter what cut or color your hair is.
  • Natural sun-kissed colors: where it looks like you went to the beach instead of the salon. Utilizing highlights, signature pieces as well as Balyage.
  • Beigy sandy blondes: as well as sunshine golden blondes with absolutely no yellow or brassy allowed.
  • Honey hazelnut caramel highlights: the perfect color of lightness on a brunette with absolutely no yellow or brassy allowed.
  • Short textured cuts: skilled use of Bumble straight blade combined with scissors gives effortless short style.
  • Long layers: cascading with body and movement creating more pieces texture layers. No blunt choppy layers ever!
  • Keritan smoothing treatment: if you’re fighting your natural texture, this can help. By consultation only.

Jill’s Advice:

Whenever doing a complete change she always tells her clients to choose¬†pictures that you love and ones that you don’t. We can all see the same but we don’t speak the same. What color “honey” is to you might be completely different than what it is to the stylist.

Licensed Hair Stylist 1995

Master Colorist Certification 2007, Color Wkshop NY Bb 2009, Color Foil & hair painting 2011

Design WkShop NY 2004, Studio Advanced Cutting NY Bb 2006, Current Cutting NY 2008 & 20012

byuti salon owner 2005