As a little girl growing up, I wasn’t the typical baby dolls and barbies princess. Mannequins, curling irons, shears and perm rods were my choice of a good time.

As a 10+ year stylist I have seen, heard, and done it all.

If someone asked me what I love best about hair or where my strengths lie, I would have a hard time answering that.

If I were to describe my favorite things about doing hair, then I would say…..
Weddings, the “I Do Hair” gets me every time. It’s been a special spot for me ever since¬†high school prom. The “up-do” could be almost as important or lack of better words the “cherry on top” for a bride’s finished look.
Coloring is my paint and a canvas, my guitar and a pick. I have a long range of technique and ability but I strive for the organic look. Painting a highlight as the hair naturally moves, enhancing a tone to make eyes pop or skin glow.

And lastly the cut.
As the years have gone by and class after class has been given, I have mastered the ability to cut dry hair. As a dry stylist I have found to have more control and ability to see where kicks and cowlicks are. I have always said and will continue to say¬†” I cut a style, never style a cut.”